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Cody had the day off and so we tagged along with two other of his fellow residents for a day trip to Waco, TX. It’s a short hour and half drive from Dallas. We left Dallas around eight thirty in the morning and arrived around ten. A large “Fixer Upper” crowd had already gathered on a Tuesday morning (I can’t imagine how crowded the weekends must get). We first started in the Magnolia Market.

Background of Magnolia Market

They opened their first store in Waco, TX in 2003 and named it Magnolia Market. After having two kids, they decided to close the doors and focus on remodeling homes – Fixer Upper. As Joanna states on their website, “something began tugging at my heart, and I began feeling a pull toward reopening Magnolia Market.” They decided to reopen the shop and it has now blossomed into Magnolia Market at the Silos in downtown Waco!

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My husband and I have been obsessed with the show Fixer Upper on HGTV. We watch a lot of HGTV especially at night (yes we are an old married couple haha) and their show is frequently on along with House Hunters. On a side note- we were watching House Hunters on Tuesday night and they aired an episode of a couple in Memphis, TN and they filmed our old street sign and some of our neighbors houses! Sorry to digress but now back to Fixer Upper. When we found out we were moving to Dallas, one of the first things on my list was to go to Magnolia Market. It took a couple of months before we had time to travel to Waco but it was worth the wait.



The actual store was large and consisted of an upper and lower level. The merchandise was similar to Target’s Hearth and Hand with Magnolia brand and definitely some more expensive items. The color palate throughout the store consisted of neutral colors with some olive green and blush tones. The employees were consistently restocking and organizing items if someone purchased one. They had a display of coffee mugs for sale and if someone would come and take one, they would move the next mug to the front and make it look stocked. It was impressive because the store never felt picked over or empty.


wasn’t the best hair day!

These are some of my favorite finds from their Target collection.


  1. vase 
  2. Pitcher
  3. Garland
  4. Tray
  5. Serving platter



These are some of my favorite finds from the Magnolia Market collection.

Add (1).jpg

  1. Wall decor
  2. Ellis tower
  3. Candles
  4. Soap dispenser 
  5. Blanket with strap


Below are some pictures from inside the store.



I was obsessed and wish I was the slightest bit crafty to make these items below.


Stunning flowers made out of pages from old books


If you know me you know how much I love corn haha!

After I told Cody everything I loved in the store but knowing we didn’t need to spend any money, we ventured to the outside space. I was disappointed that the Silos were being worked on because I had heard you could go inside them. We then moved on to the garden section which was called Magnolia Seed and Supply. I loved the cute little sheds and garden decor.




At around eleven thirty we headed to the food truck section and settled on this asian food truck called Club Sandwich (no sandwiches were on the menu).  The owner told us this is the only place Joanna eats when she comes to Magnolia Market. (I was super pumped about my order after he gave us that inside tip haha)

Lastly, we were going to pass on the Silos Bakery because the line looked long and at this point the temperature had reached a nice 100 degrees. We asked one of the employees and he said it would only take about ten minutes to get through so we hopped in line.



Cody and one of his friends got the peach cobbler cupcake and both were slightly disappointed. It had zero peach flavor and tasted more pumpkin than peach. It was a good cupcake but lacked the promised peach flavor. I got the chocolate chip cookie that was huge and did not disappoint. Our other friend got the strawberry lemonade cupcake and it tasted just like a refreshing drink of summer strawberry lemonade! It was perfect for the hot summer Texas heat.


Cody spent a little time kicking the soccer ball around with the kids

After enjoying Magnolia Market for a couple of hours, we headed to Spice Village which consisted of 30,000 feet filled with 60 individual booths. It was amazing and I could have spent all day there! I didn’t take any pictures but they had gifts, clothing, candles, indoor and outdoor home decor. I will of course be back and it would be a great place to get some holiday shopping done!

We left Waco around two and had to get back to let the dogs out but we have already thought about when we will return. One thing we want to go explore on our next visit is the Waco Mammoth National Monument. There are 24 Columbian mammoths fossils along with other mammals that have been discovered.

Sorry for the long lengthy post!

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