Welcome to the State Fair of Texas where fried food is the only food!

This weekend I went to the State Fair of Texas with some of Cody’s fellow interns. It was my first time and needless to say it did not disappoint!

State Fair of Texas



I was so excited to attend my first ever Texas State Fair! I think I had been to one or two county fairs before but nothing that I distinctly remember. It was an overcast day so it wasn’t too hot or too crowded. A huge part of the Texas State Fair is tasting all the crazy fried food combinations.


Here is a play by play of our state fair food tour (haha)

Winner “Best Taste- Sweet” —- Arroz con Leche (Sweet Crispy Rice)

Review: It was good but wasn’t fantastic. The outer layer of the crispy rice was flavorful and sweet but the inner layer was pretty bland. You could skip on this one.

picture from State Fair of Texas website


Pico Frito aka fried pico de gallo

Review: This was delicious! Of course it was greasy and heavily fried but it tasted similar to a veggie spring roll in a way. Definitely try this one!


Fried Cup of Corn “Elotes”

Review: I’m pretty sure I annoyed the group by dragging them all over to find these. If you didn’t know .. I am a huge lover of corn. As a kid we would go to my grandfather’s farm and pick ears of corn and go home and cook them. We would even have a corn eating¬† contest haha. This was my favorite fair food item! Definitely stop by and get this one.

Fried Cookie Dough

Review: I didn’t get to try this but some people in the group did and ended up throwing it away before finishing. They compared it to greasy hot cookie dough. Pass on this one.


Corn Dogs

Review: While this isn’t part of the competition, it is a staple for a state fair food. In my mind I had this expectation that turned out was far from reality. In Memphis, we had these corn dogs called Pronto Pups that showed up at festivals and events. These corn dogs are a Memphis staple and beyond delicious. That was the vision I had in mind while ordering but then quickly realized I’m not in Memphis anymore. PASS!!!


Funnel Cake Beer

Review: We had no idea what to expect when ordering this beer. It tasted like a normal beer but had powdered sugar lining the rim of the cup. It made for an interesting combination but actually the two complimented each other quite well. This would be a try!

My friend Ellen with her Funnel Cake Beer!


Kool-Aid Pickle-Dilly Sangria

Picture from State Fair of Texas website

Review- Just don’t do it! Four of the girls in our group got this drink and only one could finish. It tasted heavy on kool-aid and pickle juice and that was it. PASS!


Activities at the fair

We didn’t do any of the rides but we watched a pig race. Yes, little pigs racing haha! Kind of embarrassed and kind of proud to admit this wasn’t my first pig race. I had been to one in Montana with Cody’s family and it was so fun!

This isn’t the pig that raced haha but my pictures were so blurry!

We went into the green house- which you have to do to see the giant pumpkins! There was a man there meticulously carving this large pumpkin with his small knife. It was really cool to see.


Discount tips:

Bring an empty can of Dr. Pepper after 5 p.m. and get in to the State Fair for half price.

Every Tuesday – October 2, 9, & 16 bring an empty can of Dr. Pepper and get half price admission tickets!

Every Wednesday: October 3, 10, & 17 bring four cans of food which will be donated to North Texas Food Bank and get a ticket for $4

Every Thursday: October 4, 11, & 18  is free admission for seniors. For non seniors bring an empty 20 oz. bottle of any Coca-Cola product and get a $9 admission ticket

Friday October 12 is free admission for all first responders.



If you are in or around Dallas, I highly recommend that you take time and go visit the Texas State Fair if you haven’t already!

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow!

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