Weekend Update… Dallas Style part 2

Saturday Events

Saturday we woke up and went to Angela’s Cafe for a late brunch.  This is one of our favorite spots for breakfast and so we had to let our friends enjoy one of Dallas’s gems.  The food is consistently good and is a great price! Every time we go, I get the Migas and Cody gets the Migas with chorizo. We both always get the refried beans and extra salsa.

Photo of Angela's Cafe - Dallas, TX, United States. Migas with chorizo and refried beans

Migas with Chorizo and refried beans! (photo from Ibby on Yelp

Photo of Angela's Cafe - Dallas, TX, United States. Migas

Migas (photo from Mindi on Yelp

Once we finished stuffing our faces at Angela’s Cafe, we drove around and showed them a little bit of Dallas. We drove through Highland Park and University Park showing off the small modest homes (haha!) as well as taking a glance at the Dallas Country Club.

The Stunning Dallas Country Club  (photo via The Dallas Country Club

Here are a couple of the more impressive homes for sale in the Highland Park area in case anyone is in the market for buying a multimillion dollar home.

Untitled design.jpg

Untitled design (1).jpg

The house listed above is selling for a little more than some pocket change. $16.9 million and the 9,624 sqft is all yours! **pictures and information from Zillow

Here is a second listing!

Untitled design (2).jpg

Untitled design (3).jpg

While this listing is a few million cheaper, it is still over the top listing at $12.5 million! **pictures and information were found at Zillow

We showed them the beautiful Southern Methodist University (SMU) located right beside Highland Park and then headed downtown. We drove by the grassy knoll and the sixth window from where JFK was shot. Listed below is an image of the grassy knoll.


We headed toward Uptown and decided to rent/use the electric scooters — Birds. My friend Lizzy had introduced me to the “Birds” in Memphis a few weeks ago. She charges the Birds and gets paid to do so! Here is my good friend Lizzy and her husband riding the Birds in Memphis!

You can sign up on their website to become a charger if you want to make an extra little cash. The Birds were a huge success and we each rented one for 40 minutes and rode around town. Your first ride is free if you use the promo code below. It’s super easy to use the Birds just head to their website here and it lists the following steps for you! How to use a Bird



**Use promo code GKMJVZ to get a free ride!

We found this bar called Adult Playground during our scooter ride and decided to stop in and give it a try. The bar had an outdoor area with a seesaw, swings, and giant Jenga. We sat inside because we need to have some AC after riding around town on the scooters. Sara got a refreshing frozen cocktail made with vodka and red kool-aid.


Cooling off with some drinks and scrabble with our friends Sara and Danny

Deep Ellum

We had originally planned to do an early dinner at Pecan Lodge but the line was ridiculously long and it didn’t help that there wasn’t any covering to shield us from the scorching sun beams. We walked over to the Green Room for a quick bite to eat. It was more of a bar that a restaurant but at that point we were starving and just needed some food. The food was better than bar food and would be a great place for laid back happy hour. The boys got the burgers and Sara and I split the Sante Fe Egg Rolls and their hummus. Both of these apps were delicious and we will be back to have those dishes again! Our waitress was super attentive and nice. Overall it was a good casual spot to grab some drinks and have some apps! I want to come back and check out their rooftop at night!


After the Green Room, we headed over to Deep Ellum Brewery. We played connect four, had some beer, and finished up with a couple rounds of corn hole. This is one of our favorite beers in Dallas. These are my top four favorite beers you should try! Dallas Blonde, Deep Ellum IPA, Easy Peasy IPA, and the Neato Bandito.



Dallas Blonde CanDeep Ellum IPA CanEasy Peasy IPA CanNeato Bandito Can



Our friends Sara and Danny outside of Deep Ellum Brewery


To our surprise the best part of the weekend was about to happen! We went to Louie Louie’s Piano Bar and it was the most entertaining evening. These guys were amazing entertainers and unlike a place in Memphis (Silky’s) the performers were nice to the audience. We stayed almost until they closed at 2 am. I can’t wait to go back!




Before their departure back to Memphis, we tried Pecan Lodge one more time. We went thirty minutes after they opened and had to wait in line but we were willing! Sara, Cody, and I all got the two meat plate. We got sausage link, chopped brisket, and a side of mac and cheese. Danny got the chopped brisket sandwich. We all enjoyed the meal but it was hard to beat our Memphis BBQ (fav spot = Central BBQ). Granted we have only lived in Texas for a couple of months and we lived in Memphis for many years but Memphis BBQ I think will always be a favorite!



We were so blessed to have two amazing friends come visit us and explore our new city together! We hope they visit again soon!

Thank you again for stopping by and taking time for this lengthy post!

See you back tomorrow for a new daily post!


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