Weekend Update … Dallas Style Part 1

This was one of my favorite weekends this summer. Our best friends traveled from Memphis this weekend to visit us and explore Dallas. They arrived on Friday around six and as soon as Cody finished up at the hospital, we headed to meet some of his friends at TopGolf. They had never been to TopGolf and we were excited to start the weekend off with a fun activity. We spent an hour and a half playing different golfing games while sipping some local beer.


Sara takes a swing



Surbhi enjoying her TopGolf inspired cocktail

After TopGolf, we headed home to change before venturing to Bowen’s House to have a couple of cocktails. As we were walking into Bowen’s, there was a sign (as you can see in the picture below under the state of Texas symbol) that gave a brief history about the house along with a key word that caught my eye… Tennessee. The owner of the Bowen House was born in 1807 in Grainger County, Tennessee. (I wonder if he grew any famous Grainger County tomatoes.)

*image from Trip advisor website- photo submitted by FamiliaOso

This is the inside of the house and the main bar. This photo is a little deceiving because it makes the room look large when it is actually rather tight especially with the Friday night crowd.

Image result for bowen house dallas

*Image by Lori Bandi (Dallas Observer website)

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All dressed up for a Tuesday.

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The picture above is one of the small rooms toward the back of bar where we got our special mezcal cocktail. We told the bartender that we liked whiskey and had never tried mezcal before. He made us an Old Fashioned with mezcal. It was delicious! Here is the only picture I took at the Bowen House because it was so dark inside. The cocktail was really flavorful but like any specialty cocktail, it was a bit pricey.

I think we will be back again to try a different mezcal inspired cocktail!


Specialty Mezcal Cocktail

 “All tequilas are mezcals, but not all mezcals are tequilas.” -Max Bonem for Food&Wine

While both spirits are made with agave, they are made from different types of agave.  Tequila has to be made from blue agave while mezcal can be made from more than 30 types of agave. They come from different regions in Mexico and are also produced by different methods. Tequila is produced by steaming the agave while mezcal is cooked in pits filled will wood and charcoal. We noticed that our cocktails had a touch of a smoky flavor and this explains why. While they are produced differently, they are both aged inside oak barrels. Cheers to hoping you get to try a mezcal cocktail soon!

We ended the night at the Ginger Man Bar where we played some darts and had some more local beer. This is one of our favorite low key bars!


*Image from The Ginger Man Website


*Image from The Ginger Man Website


Stay tuned for the second part of the weekend update coming Tuesday!

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*mezcal information provided by Food&Wine

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