Summer Book Reviews

Since moving to Dallas and waiting on all of my licenses for my jobs to go through, it has left me with ample amounts of free time. I have enjoyed reading since I was in high school and was excited to finally have some time to pick back up a book and dive in. I rarely read if my schedule is busy because I am one of those people that have to start a book and finish it within a few days. I can’t read a little before bed and leave it on my nightstand for months. Below are some of the books that I have had the pleasure to read this summer!

  1. The Woman in Cabin 10

This was an quick and suspenseful read for me. Ware draws the reader in by taking them on a thrilling ride on a luxury cruise ship and follows the main character’s struggle to figure out if what she witnessed was real or if the rocking of the boat caused her imagination to make waves in her mind.

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2. All the Light We Cannot See

I was excited to start this book since it was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize as well as being on the NYT bestseller list for a long time. The book takes place in Germany and France during World War II. It follows two young characters and their new reality as they face the impacts of World War II. It was very well written and easy to get through the first 200 pages and then it seemed to stall for a while. Overall I would give this book 3 stars.

3. The Nightingale

This was my favorite out of the three books I have shared. I have read other books by Kristin Hannah before and haven’t been too engaged with her past books like firefly lane (hopefully not making anyone mad here!). This book however takes no time engaging the reader by artfully painting a portrait of France during World War II. I developed a caring relationship for the two sisters in this book and didn’t want the book to end. This is a must read!!

Here are a list of other books I’m wanting to read. Let me know if you have read them or have any suggestions! Thanks again for stopping by!


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