Sixth Grade English Class, The Day Our Nation Changed Forever


I remember sitting in English class when abruptly the entire mood of the room became quiet as the news on the TV echoed through the small middle school room. Images of planes hitting buildings filled the TV screen in the corner of the room. Tears filled my teacher’s eyes as she ran into the hall to absorb the shock of the devastating news with the other teachers.

What were we watching? What was happening? What are those buildings?

As sixth graders, we knew something was wrong but we didn’t understand the gravity of what the live news was reporting. We watched as the second plane hit the Twin Towers. Why were all of these planes crashing into buildings? What was wrong with the planes? These were the questions that filled the thoughts of our six grade minds. Our middle school imagination couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t the planes that were malfunctioning. Instead, it was a group of people intentionally changing the course of the route by making the final destination a fatal one.

This past year for Christmas, my family and I took a trip to New York City. I had been to NYC back in high school and has seen ground zero a few years after the attack. It was my first time being able to walk through the memorial museum and feel the weight of destruction on my shoulders. It was also the first time I was able to feel the power of perseverance of the American people.


Regardless of your political views, we should be proud of the incredible nation that we are privileged to call home. We have men and women that fight to protect us on foreign and U.S. soil. We have firefighters, policemen, EMTs, nurses, doctors, and volunteers that want to selflessly help take care of each other.

Let us remember this day, honor the lives that were lost, and remember above all that we are one nation under GOD.




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