September Book Review + Kindle Unlimited Free Month

September Book Review


Lipstick in Afghanistan

Since we just had the remembering of September 11 last week, this book is a great way to reflect on the troubling times of 2001 and 2002. The story begins to develop in Boston and then transitions to Afghanistan, as the main character develops a calling to pursue areas that have been impacted by war.  As she matures, she becomes a nurse who eventually travels to Afghanistan to work at a small clinic in the village of Bamiyan. She quickly goes from city life to the other side of the world, where her housing consists of a dirt hut, no running water, and no electricity. You are instantly transported to the village of Bamiyan as  the main character is faced with the apparent culture change. The picture is painted so authentically because even though this book is a novel, the author herself is a nurse and has served in third world war zones. I definitely recommend this book! Let me know what you think!

Before We Were Yours: A Novel

My mother-in-law gave me this book when we went to Knoxville last month. It was very appealing to me because the story takes place in Memphis, TN (where we just moved from). It is a moving piece that transports the reader back to the south in the year 1939. I don’t want to give much away, but this book will tug at your emotions and have your mind wondering how many people were actually affected by these malicious events. You should definitely read this book and especially if you are from Memphis, TN!


Never Let You Go: A Novel

This book gives an intimate view into the life of someone who has dealt with controlling relationships. The main character believes she is finally free to live a life without the constant gnawing worry of her ex returning, when the sudden horror of her past relationship floods back in to her new “safe” life. This is an easy read that draws the readers in and holds them there till the last page! Great easy read that keeps you dying to turn the page!

Kindle Unlimited

This summer I was traveling from Dallas to Memphis to work for a few days at a time. On the 6.5 hour drive, I had pretty much exhausted all of the recommended podcast shows. I wasn’t thrilled with the price of the audible app and knew I needed more than just one book to listen to. I researched the kindle unlimited plan with amazon.

Pros: You can listen to the books that you download by downloading the audible version. Your first month is free. There are thousands of books to choose from. You can listen or read on the kindle app on your phone.

Cons: They don’t have the new popular books.

I did the first month free and listened to a couple of books on my long drives so I decided to sign up for the month to month subscription. You can cancel at any time!

Try your first month free here! 

Books I have listened to

The Tracy Crosswhite series 

These are super easy to listen to for those long car rides because they are suspenseful and the narrator is actually really good. The narrator can kill a perfectly good book if done poorly!!

Let me know what other books yall have read!

See you back here tomorrow for a daily post (sorry I have been slacking!)

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