Send Me Something Good- How To Make Care Packages


Doesn’t everyone love getting packages in the mail? Make someone’s day by letting them know you are thinking of them! Send them a care package with their favorite items!


College Students

This is a great idea for college students! As freshmen, the newness of college is fading and the reality of the semester is coming into focus. Midterms are happening, papers are due, and projects seem never ending. This is the time to give them a boost to help them make it to Christmas break. Even though I went to college in the same city as my parents, my mom would still send holiday packages for my roommate and I. It was a simple gesture that would always make my day.

Here are some other ideas:

Friends who just moved, friends who just got a new job, friends who just bought a house or had a baby, or just a simple gesture for no reason at all.




Here is my care package

Since it’s now fall (even though it’s still almost 90 degrees here in Dallas) and Halloween is just around the corner, it’s a great idea to incorporate those seasonal touches!

Remember when you are creating your care package, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Go to the Target dollar section or the dollar tree!

The three pumpkins in the picture above were $1.00 each at Target! In case they are sold out, I listed a couple more options that are adorable!



Cream Pumpkin


Gold Pumpkin




This is my favorite candle!! I have been dying to try these two other scents – Pumpkin Clove & Spiced Cider as well. I always have multiple candles burning during the fall and winter. It makes our home feel cozy and inviting.

How pretty is this gold??



Because I’m totally obsessed with the Volcano candles, I got the hand lotion too. It smells amazing! I highly recommend grabbing yourself a bottle too!


Nail polish- It’s such a fun idea to send a shade of polish that compliments the current season. I love darker colors for fall and winter. These are some of my favorite fall OPI colors that are on constant rotation in the cooler months.

Less is Norse


French Quarter For Your Thoughts



The Best Rose Water Facial Spray

This is a great hydrating facial spray and I also use it to help set my makeup!

NYX lip gloss – such a steal! 

Check out my other post about my favorite nudes lip colors here! 




I think using hand towels or a table runner is a cute way to package the items and helps add extra support!

Fall Hand Towel

Gather Kitchen Towel

Instead of stuffing everything into a regular box to ship, pick out a little basket that can be used as storage! I get most of my storage baskets from T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods!

Storage basket


Here are some other care package items to throw into the mix!

Decorative Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkin Socks

The last item that YOU MUST INCLUDE is a hand written note!

Let me know if you send any care packages and what you include!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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