Keeping cool in Dallas’s feisty summer temps!

When I reflect on the past two months of being in Dallas one word comes to mind …. HOTT!!! With this “light” heat wave coming through with temps being 108, 109, 108 it’s hard to find things to do besides sitting in your house cranking up the AC. I have had the pleasure to check out my new city and have really found some gems! Here are a list of some places to visit in Dallas with lots of AC!

  1. Cidercade


My husband had an outing here with his residency and loved it so much that when my family came to visit we all went and spent several hours, had a few ciders, and played endless amounts of arcade games!

  • How it works: You pay a cover of $10/day or $20/Month for admission. This cover means you get to come into the arcade and play all the games which are free and you can play until they close down for the night!

Drink/ Food: I have never been a huge fan of ciders. The ciders I have had in the past were typically overwhelmingly sweet. I was skeptical! The bartender was super friendly and she let me sample different ciders. I started with The O.G. and I knew then that not all ciders are made equally! It was a little tart and slightly sweet but overall it was delicious! Even my husband and my dad liked the ciders! You can also bring your own food in. Several groups were there that had ordered pizza or food from a delivery service. Just no outside drinks allowed!

Visit their website by clicking on the name above to check out their hours and different events they host!

*both pictures posted were from their website- I do not take any credit for the pictures!

2. Alamo Drafthouse

With the temperatures making everything outside melt, it’s nice to find a place you can enjoy and cool off for a few hours. I know I’m not use to all the amenities that a big city has to offer but dang was I happy when I found this movie theatre.

What makes this theatre so special?

  • You can start by picking your seats online and reserving them by buying a ticket. This is a great option for larger parties to guarantee the whole group can sit together. Once in the theatre they have the most relaxing electric leather recliners. You can order full meals, free refills on popcorn and soft drinks, and of course Beer! all without having to get out of your seat. You fill out a card and place it in the holder and your server will come and grant your request! ** also discount movie tickets on Tuesdays!!

*this picture is from alamo drafthouse website

3. Topgolf

While this isn’t entirely indoors, it is still a fun activity to take your mind off those blistering temperatures. They do however keep the hitting bays at 74 degrees which is a heck of a lot better than 109 degrees! Now its available where you can reserve your bay online! You can make reservations up to 7 days in advance and as little as 1 hour prior to arrival! Enjoy a fun night out with up to six friends per bay!

4. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum is a great activity for all ages. Currently they have the ultimate dinosaurs exhibition on display. For all the moms out there that are nearing the end of summer and looking for ways to entertain your kiddos for a little longer before school starts, take them to the museum where they offer different activities every single day! Good news –Groupon has a discount currently where one adult general admission is $18.00, one youth (2-12) is $11, and one senior is $12.00. I posted the link below. No worries I don’t get any benefits by you clicking the Groupon link! I’m just trying to save some people money!

  Click her for Groupon

*picture retrieved from Perot Museum website

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