Fall Fashion Under $50

I’m anxiously waiting for fall to get here…in Dallas it’s just a little under 90 degrees (but hey at least we are out of the 100s!!) While I’m waiting for fall temps to settle into Texas, I have been eyeing some of my favorite fall fashion trends. I love fashion and shopping but I love finding fashion deals even more. I listed below two categories of fall outfit inspiration with eight unique pieces that are all under $50!!!



Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration



  1. Leopard Print Scarf        –I own two leopard print scarves. I know it seems excessive but one is lightweight and useful for tying the outfit together but not for warmth. The other one is significantly thicker and great for really cold days. I use the lightweight one 9/10 times and I always get compliments on it!

2. Plaid Cape          –I love capes for fall. They are so versatile. You can wear a cute top underneath and if you get too hot or you are just over the cape then you remove it and have another whole outfit!

3. Carmel Clutch         –This looks so expensive and could be used with multiple outfits. Can you believe it is under $15!!

4. Nude Block Heel Mules    –I’m ordering these now! They are a designer dupe for several pairs that are more than $100!


Comfy Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration


  1. Pink Thermal Top       –I love thermal tops! They feel like you are wearing PJs and are so in right now.

2. Everyday Casual Dress    –There are some days you know I just don’t want to wear pants haha. I want to be comfortable but look slightly more pulled together than leggings and an oversized sweatshirt. This is perfect for those days. It would look adorable with a long tan cardigan or a jean jacket.

3. Perfect Fit Black Jeans    –I love articles of society brand! I have a pair of black jeans and dark blue jeans from their brand. It will be my third year having both of these and they still look great! These are great quality for a fraction of the price!

4. Heathered Joggers         –I want to own a pair of joggers! I have a pair but they are for sure pajamas so I can’t really wear them out of the house. These are super adorable and are currently on sale!




Also I just saw this and since yall know I am Housewife obsessed, I really think I need this hahaha!

The Real Housewife Meme Card Game


I’m super excited about this weekend because it’s Cody’s weekend off. He gets one weekend off a month so I treasure those Saturdays and Sundays like nothing else! I hope yall have a great weekend filled with pure joy and fun times!


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