Day Hiking Trip in the Great Smoky Mountains + Favorite $25 Workout Tank

One of our bucket list items for our trip home to Knoxville, TN was to hike Mt. LeConte. I hiked it with some friends back in college but Cody had never been and was dying to go. We don’t get much hiking in Dallas so it was one of the outdoor activities we wanted to be sure to tackle.


About the Hike

Mt. LeConte hike consists of a 5.5 mile climb netting 2,560 feet to reach the Mt. LeConte Lodge. Hikers take the trail to the Alum Cave Bluff and Arch Rock which is reached at 2.3 miles into the 5.5 mile trail. Mount LeConte is the third highest peak in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.


The Mt. Leconte Lodge was founded in 1926 is located 6,593 feet at the top of the trail. There are a total of 7 cabins and 3 multi-room lodges. The lodge can accommodate up to sixty guests. Basic amenities are provided however there is no electricity on the top of the mountain. Each unit has kerosene, propane heaters, wash basins, and bedding. While  there are flushable toilets (which were just added a few years ago), there are no showers. If you are a guest, the meals are provided family-style in the dining room cafeteria. For more information here is their website!


Pictures From Our Hike

We stopped to take in the amazing views along the trail!



The hike was definitely a good work out and it took over 5 hours to get up and down the mountain. Even though it was humid, the overall temperature was in the 80’s.


About two miles into the hike we reached Alum Cave!




It sprinkled a few times on the hike which we were thankful for to help cool us down!






My favorite view of  the whole hike!

Just reminds us what an amazing God we have!



Taking a breather here haha!



We made it!




Fabulous solo shot (haha!)



(my sister’s hiking stick saved me during the hike because my blisters were so bad!)


Here are some of the cabins you can rent to stay in at the top of the mountain. There were several families and groups taking part of soaking up the last bit of summer in the mountains.






Workout Top

My workout top that I’m wearing is literally my favorite tank ever. It is so soft, breathable, and dries fast. I purchased mine during the anniversary sale but they still have this tank available in white and black (which I plan on getting both!). It fits TTS and is a longer tank which I love when wearing leggings! I know it looks like a basic white tank top (which it kind of is) but the quality and material make it look and feel so much more expensive!

$25.00 Zella Tank

Strength Racerback Tank,                         Main,                         color, White


We had a blast and even though I wore cotton socks, (got terrible blisters two miles into the hike- BIG MISTAKE) it was a great day spent with the hubby back in East Tennessee.



Sorry for the couple week hiatus. Now that we are back in Dallas, I will be posting daily!

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