Daily Planners and Accessories (even if you aren’t going back to school)

I got an Erin Condren planner a few years ago and while I liked the format, the covers kept breaking. I switched to the Happy Planner and have had it for the past three years and will continue! It’s super durable and way cheaper! Now that Happy Planner has become more popular, you can find them at a lot more retail stores. My favorite place to get them is from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or other craft stores because they usually have them on sale or have coupons. If you get yours from Hobby Lobby, remember to use your 40% off one item coupon if it isn’t on sale. I wish I was sponsored by Happy Planner because I have been raving about them and promoting them to my friends for years but sadly I’m not!


Here is my current planner from 2017- 2018






Choose happy


Rustic Theme

Palm Tree Print

Teachers Theme


Polka Dot Theme


Accessories to go with the Happy Planners

These are folder inserts and they are amazing! I have this exact set. It allows me to put store other important information in my planner as well as my stickers.

Budget Planning to add to your planner

me & my BIG ideas Fitness Planner Extension

Weekly Meal Plan 

Happy Planner Weekly Meal Plan Sheets

 Me & My Big Ideas PLSB-05 Accessory Pouch with Elastic Band

Here is my storage pouch that attaches to my planner by the elastic band.





I have these exact stickers and they are great for reminders! I included a picture of whats left of mine! These are on sale for $2.99!  Reminder Stickers

Create 365 The Happy Planner Everyday Reminder Stickers



Faith Stickers

Faith Happy Planner Stickers

These aren’t made by Happy Planner but I have ordered stickers from her shop on etsy for several years. They are well priced and you can customize what you want them to say. When I was in school I had personalized labels : quiz, test, paper, project, discussion board, and clinical. You can even personalize your colors as well. The ones I use currently are the “Work” stickers and I fill in the time I work. (Below I posted one of my half used sheets!) I am not sponsored in anyway … I have used other Etsy shops and her  shop is my favorite! Visit her shop here to view over 200 of her stickers. Her shipping is also very fast!

College Themed


Work Stickers (These are the ones I use currently)




My favorite pens!

(and if you are a nurse like me then you know how important your pens are! haha)

Next week I’m going to do a home office/ organization post!

I hope yall have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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