Becoming a Real Housewife of Dallas…


So obviously I didn’t become a RHOD but I did get to meet them last night!

**excuse the quality of these pictures- it was dark inside!

D’andra, Kameron, Stephanie, Brandi


Last night there was a RHOD watch party for the new episode that aired last night on BRAVO. The event was held at Bottled Blonde in Deep Ellum. It was free (which I was surprised about) and I had reserved a few tickets a couple weeks back. The proceeds of the event went to Lone Star Adoption Agency. Brandi, one of the housewives, recently adopted a baby through their agency! I was so gracious to my friend Hannah (who had never watched any real housewife show) who tagged along with me.


My friend Hannah

Hannah and I met a great group of girls at the event last night! It was great to find some BRAVO fans because lets be honest, it’s my guilty pleasure. I love to watch RHOD, RHOBH, RHOC, RHONY, RHONJ, Vanderpump Rules, and Shahs of Sunset!

My new friend Alina


Back to the event!

It was kind of unorganized but the setup was to try and find the housewives in the midst of the crowd and stand in line to get your pictures with them.

7-8 :  Grab a drink and sift through the crowd to check out Brandi Land Clothes, Sparkle Dog Food, and Hard Night Good Morning Beauty Line.

8-9 : The new episode premiered. We couldn’t really hear because it was so loud, so most people were walking around, grabbing drinks, and mingling with the housewives. I met Stephanie, Brandi, and D’andra.

9-10: More mingling and question and answers post show. We left around 9:30 and the Q&A hadn’t even started.


Sweet Stephanie

You know just talking like besties do


She was by far my favorite! She was even more stunning in person. She genuinely seemed excited to meet and greet everyone. She even remembered my friend, Alina, from a previous event! Her husband, Travis, was also in attendance.


Brandi (us Memphis girls)

I love Brandi! She was so cute in person.  We met her towards the end of the night and by that point I was over the lines and people cutting and talking for like twenty minutes while everyone else waited in line. I mean come on.. they don’t want to hear you talk for thirty minutes about who knows what??


I thought she looked younger in person. We waited in line for a while and one of her friends cut us off and talked to her for like ten minutes and then she left we got one group selfie together which wasn’t on my phone so I don’t have it. However, one of the best parts of the night was watching someone give her a K-cup. If you watched two episodes ago, then you know what I’m talking about haha!! She performed her talent again… I was super disappointed to not get it on video! Mama Dee was there but she sat in the VIP section.


She’s not my favorite (Nicest way I could put it). She talks the same as she does in the show (which bugs the crap out of me) and she is just as tall in person as she is on TV. Her husband was there as well. I thought she looked prettier in person as well. I feel like waiting in line to get my picture taken with her. She stayed mostly by her Sparkle dog food booth.

Here is what I wore! 

Dress and Shoes are from Target! (think the RHOD shop in the clothes section at target?? …hahaha)

Similar Kendra Scott Necklace here!


Overall it was a fun night and it was great to meet a new group of girls!

Ok I’m done with my BRAVO rant haha!



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See you back here tomorrow for another daily post! We are almost to the weekend!

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